Hi, I’m Emma. I’m the women behind The Coffee Barista. Thanks for reading my blog.

I love this sensation. Drinking coffee in a cold climate.

I’m a Colombian-American coffee barista. I was born in Colombia in 1985 and started drinking coffee when I was just ten years old.

It’s pretty standard for kids in Colombia to drink coffee at such a young age and even learn to be a barista soon enough to be an expert when becoming older.

Before moving to the US, where I live with my husband and two kids…I was a barista at a famous Colombian coffee shop. There were not many women in the industry, but more and more are becoming baristas in recent years. So that’s awesome!

I started this website with the vital goal of writing the best coffee content I could. My limitations are that my English is not 100% native, but I have been living in the US for many years now, so it’s becoming better and better.

I don’t think this is a limitation…

Here at The Coffee Barista, my primary goal is to give real-human reviews of products that I like. I might not have perfect grammar, but I do have a lot of experience when it comes to coffee and equipment.

I’m honest. I want to help you make the best decision when buying Coffee machines or accessories online. I know money is hard to earn, so why chose the standard option when you can select the best choice!

Right now, I work in a corporate job, but I always wanted to open a Coffee Shop in my city.

Maybe it’s the time to start leaving the 9-5 to become my boss. We’ll see! 🙂

Get in touch with me

If you have questions or want to get in touch with me you can do so by contacting me through email at emma [at] thecoffeebarista.com