Keurig Not Pumping Water – Definitive Guide and Solutions

Keurig Not Pumping Water

We all love Keurig Machines. They are reliable and such beauty when brewing coffee. The Keurig Not Pumping Water is a classic, but still easy to solve.

Imagine this situation: You go to your kitchen and find out you can’t make your cup of joe because your Keurig is not pumping water. There are causes and solutions for this issue and it can be fixed easily.

I know, you might be thinking, Emma, how can a Keurig machine have problems? Well, every device or piece of tech I know on the planet may have issues, the good thing is that all of them have a fix if you take proper action.

Please don’t ever think about throwing away your Keurig Machine before trying these possible solutions. It’s worth your time and money.

In this article, my primary goal is to help you troubleshoot every kind of situation you can get with your Keurig to prevent the great Keurig not pumping water issue. This problem can be fixed in minutes if you read my article and follow my instructions.

I can also help you if you comment below. I usually reply in less than 12 hours.

Why is My Keurig Not Pumping Water?

There are three main reasons why your Keurig is experiencing problems. The main one is that your machine might have clogged water lines and filters or maybe air in the line. The main thing is to troubleshoot and then lookup for a solution.

Let’s start by going through one by one.

Please take your time before deciding it’s time to buy a new Keurig machine. I know it sucks, but often it has a fix.

Clogged Water Line of your Keurig (Cheap Vinegar Method)

The clogged line is the most common error when it comes to your Keurig not pumping water. It happens to me multiple times, and it sucks. But, once you learn how to solve this issue, it becomes easier to live with it. We need to flush the clogged water lines to start brewing again.

The cause of the clogged water line is that water mineral can stay there, vinegar will help minerals go away.

Safety First: Unplug your Keurig Machine before doing any of this, please.

This method is the Vinegar method. We have another one that may work for you if this one does not work.

What elements do you need for this method?

  • Undiluted Vinegar – any brand will work – I recommend the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
  • Water
  • Coffee Cup
  • Your Keurig Machine – Did I mention this?

Let’s get started with the Vinegar Method

  • Get your vinegar ready and start by filling up the water reservoir on your Keurig machine with your undiluted vinegar. You can go pure or mix it with a bit of water. I recommend 50/50.
  • Above your reservoir, you will see a small pump.
Keurig finger
Put your finger there
Where to put your finger at your Keurig
Like this
  • Let it run through by brewing into your cup of coffee.
  • Keep the cycles going for a while, maybe 2-3 times. Once your cup fills with your vinegar solutions, get that same liquid and pour it into the reservoir and repeat the process by putting your cup again in the same spot. Do it 2-3 times.

That’s it. This method should fix your clogged water line on your Keurig, and your Keurig was not pumping water concern.

Clogged Needle of your Keurig (Cheap and Fast)

The Needle is another common issue that can arise in your Keurig. I always try to troubleshoot by doing the Clogged needle and the water line one.

After doing both, my machine starts working like a charm.

Safety First: Unplug your Keurig Machine and remove the water reservoir

What elements do you need for this method?

  • A small paper clip
  • Your Keurig Machine – As always.

Let’s get started with the Paper clip method

Check the image below to see where the needle is. If this needle is clogged, water will not come out. Get a small paper clip to clean it up.

Keurig Not Pumping Water
  • You will need to remove the rubber gasket in the middle. Find the image below to see how it looks like.
Keurig Rubber
  • Then you need to get your paper clip and stretch it out – Like this
Keurig Not Pumping Water
  • Now insert the pin in the hole, you can check the image I uploaded below and see where it goes exactly.
Keurig Insert

That’s all! – Now start doing circular movements with your hand and start cleaning to remove everything from the needle.

Try to go as deep as you can, this will help a lot and will probably fix your problem as fast as possible.

Let me know if this works.

Air in the Keurig Water Line

The Air on the Keurig water line can happen. It’s easy to troubleshoot, and you can always check the methods above to see what is causing the Keurig not pumping water problem.

You will see air bubbles coming from the water at the bottom.

Safety First: Unplug your Keurig Machine before doing any of this, please.

Let’s get started with the Air in the Line Bubble Issue.

  • Take the reservoir of water of your Keurig Machine and fill it up with water up to a quarter full and then re-insert in on the machine.
  • You need to lift the reservoir now up and down, do this consistently and fast.
  • You will start to see air bubbles coming up from the bottom.
  • Do this until you stop seeing air bubbles. This fix can take some minutes, but it will work.

Conclusion – Is your Keurig Pumping Water Now?

Now you have the most common problems that your Keurig Machine might have. These are by far the most leading causes of why your Keurig is not pumping water and as you can read above it’s easy to troubleshoot and almost free. It just takes some time and patience.

If your Keurig Machine is not working after trying out these methods, you might need a new one. But still, it should work 9/10 times.

Keurig machines are reliable and sturdy, so they are not an easy opponent. They need their maintenance.

Let me know in the comments below, if you managed to fix your Keurig and if I’ll be more than happy to reply as fast as possible.

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